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About The Home Gourmet

The Home Gourmet is The Gourmet Group's flagship company. They are the private arm of the group specialising in private fine dining events, bespoke gourmet dinner parties and private catering functions as well as gourmet wedding catering. Their aim and ethos is to transport the michelin style dining experience from London's finest restaurants into its clients homes.

Since its conception in 2011, The Home Gourmet has quickly become one of the forerunners and innovators in private catering having worked extensively with clients all over South England, the UK and further afield.

The Home Gourmet employs a small team of executive chefs who's wealth of experience reaches to the highest levels of fine dining. The kitchen team is partnered by a team of diligent and professional front of house staff who make it their aim to make every client feel like a king in their own castle.



  • Private Fine Dining
  • Bespoke Gourmet Dinner Parties
  • Gourmet Event Catering
  • Private Parties
  • Wedding Catering
  • Corporate Fine Dining


  • 3, 4, 5 & 7 Course Menus
  • Canape Catering
  • All Inclusive Packages
  • Matched & Paired Wine Menus
  • Waitresses and Front of House Staff
  • Hireware and Props
  • Event Services

About Canape Concept

Canape Concept launched in 2015 with a view to offering off the shelf and canapé catering for events. In a natural progression from The Home Gourmet, Canape Concept aims to provide exemplary and innovative canapé, finger, bowl and street food catering for private and corporate events.

The aim behind Canape Concept was to create exiting, elegant and cutting edge event catering with an ethos on presentation and aesthetics as much as flavour. They have also developed a range of off the shelf canapés that can are prepared and delivered same day (in London). Preservative-free, fresh and ready to serve, the off the shelf range is the latest and easiest way to trick your party guests into thinking you have a Michelin starred chef in your kitchen!

Providing everything from canapés to finger and bowl food as well as exciting street food and pop up food stall, Canape Concept certainly have event catering covered.



  • Inventive & Exciting Canape Catering
  • Creative Event Catering
  • Private & Corporate Events
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Delivered Cold Canape Menus
  • Corporate Canapes For Boardrooms


  • Bespoke Canape & Event Catering
  • Off The Shelf Canape Delivery
  • All Inclusive Packages
  • Scalable Event Catering
  • Waitresses and Front of House Staff
  • Hireware and Props
  • Event Services

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About Partico Parties

Partico Parties is The Gourmet Group's newest launch and the first to move focus, for the most part, away from catering. Partico was born from the experience gained and contacts earned through years of event catering and management. They create parties and events for clients who are looking to host parties for their guests to remember...and of course, the food is always superb!

Partico specialise in event management and creative from conception to clean up, with a wealth of contacts from entertainment to staff and supplies, Partico specialise in specialist branded events for corporate clients, exuberant and luxury private events for individuals and fun, mind blowing parties for kids (and big kids alike).

The dedicated team is made up of experienced individuals from some of London's leading event planners they are rapidly making an exciting name for themselves.



  • Luxurious Private Parties & Events
  • Branded Corporate Events
  • Product Launches and Creative Events
  • Parties For Little (And Big!) Kids
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
  • Wedding Planning
  • Event Design & Management


  • Fun, Unique & Unrivalled Party Planning
  • Event Planning & Design
  • Inclusive 'Under One Roof' Service
  • In Depth, Exclusive & In House Contacts In The Entertainment Industry
  • Event Staffing And Provisions
  • Creative Approach To Parties & Events
  • Party Theming & Props

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About Platter Box

Platter Box was launched in 2012 providing freshly prepared and delivered gourmet business lunches for the office world after trialling the new concept with Detox Kitchen founder Lily Simpson. The concept was quickly successful with clients impressed at someone finally offering fresh, healthy and diverse lunches delivered on time across London.

Platter Box specialises in creating freshly prepared lunches for delivery to offices and boardrooms across London, with a selection of affordable and delicious off the shelf packages as well as bespoke solutions they have every option covered to help your business.

Understanding the business world, Platter Box provide clients with credit accounts and business terms and 24 hour ordering flexibility making them an ideal partner for office catering solutions.



  • Delivered Platter Lunches
  • Off-The-Shelf Delicious Office Catering
  • Bespoke Business Catering Solutions
  • Office Catering To Order


  • Flexible Off The Shelf Packages
  • Bespoke Solutions For Office Catering
  • Corporate Accounts & Credit Terms
  • Scalable Solutions from 10 - 100 people